Enemies Within:

The Church


Enemies Within: The Church heralds a clarion call for Christians to turn away from popular, yet errant beliefs held in contradiction to carefully interpreted Holy Scriptures.

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Discover how the gospel and the Holy Spirit empower each of us to destroy the works of darkness!

Why make this movie now?

Do any of these strange words

or phrases sound familiar?


White Privilege




Human Flourishing

Reweaving of Society

Sexual Orientation

Redistribution of Wealth

Whole-life Stewardship

Impartial Justice

Effective Generosity




Third Gender

Social Justice

Same-Sex Attracted Christianity

You are going to be shocked by what you see and hear chronicled in this ground-breaking, unique and passionate documentary film. As movie-goers depart the theater, many will call loved ones to share its powerful message before they even reach their cars.

Here’s why this movie is needed right now in American history: long-time, tenured, trusted institutions and the persons who influence and control those organizations have been compromised and are no longer safe. Whole denominations of the church – once filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and known for boldly declaring and honorably defending Christian orthodoxy – have been corrupted from within!

Leaning upon empirical, unassailable evidence, this documentary film reveals the subversive ideas, persons and organizations who are clearly shown as active participants in efforts to undermine the Christian Church and systematically destroy its foundations from within.

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The short film

Enemies Within: The Church (The Short):

The Story Of First Baptist Church Naples

Here is a short story called from our three–year investigation of the social justice false-gospel that is now corrupting and destroying churches, Bible colleges and seminaries around the world. While our full movie will not contain most of this particular story when it's released next spring in theaters across the country, It is only 30 minutes long and we believed it was a story that deserved to be told on its own, that the Lord Jesus commissioned us to share with believers everywhere.

Please consider watching and sharing. Special Announcement: Enemies Within: The Church. Part 1 will be coming to theaters in late March of 2021. To support and help us complete this project and to help us produce more short documentaries, please donate to www.EnemiesWithinTheChurch.com today.


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